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    Dope up your sultry side with the INDICA Jane Dope Kit, perfect for creating dramatic, eye-catching looks. This mesmerizing collection includes:

    Heartbeat Liquid Lipstick 
    A deep, bright purple that offers stunning, long-lasting coverage for a bold statement.

    Kaya Eyeshadow
    A sparkling gold that captures and reflects light, adding a shimmering lift to your lids.

    Grape Ape Eyeshadow
    A lush, matte extreme grape purple, perfect for adding a touch of dramatic flair.

    Each product in the INDICA Kit is designed to complement each other, allowing for a cohesive and striking makeup ensemble. Ideal for both glamorous evenings and bold daily wear, the INDICA Jane Dope Kit is your go-to for turning heads and showcasing your unique style. Dive into the rich, vibrant colors and let your beauty shine!

    * Ingredient list in individual item pages

    Net weight of 25g

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